How to make an appointment?

The most effective way to contact me is an email or a telephone appointment within my phone hours, although suppressed phone numbers are not accepted.


The optimal planning time is up to 48 hours before the desired appointment, short-term as same day appointments are  very limited, unless I am on a guest appearance in another city. For the appointment itself, please arrive punctually, i.e. not overpunctually or late. Both causes to interrupt me either in the preparation time or in the follow-up time or directly in a session, which is unpleasant for everyone involved


Weekend appointments have a lead time of at least one week. I am happy to make long-term appointments! A deposit can be necessary from a duration of 2.5 hours or longer.


First contacts via Whats App or SMS are not sensible, I use this medium for confirmations or communication with people already know only! Every agreed appointment will be confirmed by you on the day of the session until 10.00.


If you follow these rules, both parties will start into a session with optimal preparation.


After 2 hours a deposit is required, which you can send by bank transfer, Paypal or Monero/BitCoin. I do not accept Amazon vouchers as payment.

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